That time you almost screw everything up...

14 years and a few weeks ago I was desperately trying to buy a plane ticket.  It was one of those Gift Of A Magi moments with the hair combs and watch chain where Jim was trying to fly to CA to surprise me, and I was trying to fly to Ohio to surprise Jim.  Our engagement story might have been a lot different if I'd been successful. 

Nineteen year old me was fantasizing about a Lord Of The Rings wedding where everyone dressed up as Elves and Hobbits and we passed out copies of the Silmarillion as favors. ... or a Gone With The Wind theme... or a  Monty Python Theme.  It's a miracle we didn't consider a Star Wars theme.   

Indubitably we have made it happily thus far due to our awesome tastes and the twin influences and patterns of both sets of our parents.  Not only did our parents' stay married, I think they actually legit were/are still super into each other.  I always took it for granted, but I don't now. May we see another 14x3 years of saying "Yes".   *clinks glass*


The kids were looking through our engagement photos (digital photos were so high quality back then) and they asked "who's the boy with mom?".  Of course Jim and I both took that as a compliment. lol